Freelance WEB Programming Prices

PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascrpt, jQuery, WordPress, Bootstrap, Codeigniter, Laravel framework, CakePHP, PyroCMS etc.

I prefer more complex technologies, but clients usually ask me about free open source systems like WordPress

Programming price: Fixed Price $ or Hourly Rate $/hr

site 100$

Option is for those who want to use the time in something else than learning the technicalities of building a wordpress blog
  • FInstall WordPress on your server
  • FTheme of your choice. (example of FREE themes)
    (example of PAID themes)
  • FTop Plug-ins to help users to contact you and comment on your blog posts
  • FTutorial about how to do basic blog-like things- writing and editing posts, inserting pages, etc.
  • Your WordPress powered site comes SEO friendly to take full advantage of being quickly indexed by Google

Fix Your Website 25$/hr

If you are a small business with an existing website or blog, you may just be interested in making some slight changes and updates to create a better impact.
  • FError fixing, debugging error log file
  • FChange of logo or images
  • FFresh up first page (add slideshow, more widgets)
  • FSocial media integration (Facebook Fans, Auto Twitter)
  • FMobile website, RSS feed
  • FCustomize Applications, Widgets

Web site maintenance 100$/m

If you are too busy to update, maintain and manage your website on a regular basis, I offer a service where I can do it for you! The web maintenance includes:
  • FFull backup copy your website every hour/day/month
  • FWebsite content updates (new posts, pages)
  • FUpload graphics, attachment files, products
  • FProduct updates (Ecommerce and other internet shops)
  • FSupport your operators, assistance

Programming services 25$/hr

Example of some popular freelance programming jobs:
  • FCreate New or Continue your PHP project
  • FPHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • FAPI integration
  • FCRM, CMS modifications
  • FShopping Cart integration
  • FSEO friendly links, source code
  • FWebservices, SOAP
  • FClone of existing site, reverse engineering, startups

* I will help you to improve your sales and customer service, quality of your website or CRM. All programming prices include support after the job is compleate. If you need more support, please contact me.